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FIR Pad - Far Infrared Heating Pad

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The FIR Pad Far Infrared Heating Pad and new Grande FIR Pad, creates a warm, relaxing and rejuvenating thermotherapy experience.

far infrared heating pad

NEW! Grande FIR Pad - XL Far Infrared Heating Pad

far infrared heating pad

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Far Infrared Ray (FIR)
Heating Pad

ITEM P0U02004
fir heating pad

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) work in harmony with your body, safely penetrating deep skin tissue to activate cells, reduce stress, and increase energy.

14 Day FREE Trial
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The FIR Pad comes with a 14 day free trial period. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the unit for a full refund.

One Year Warranty

The FIR Pad comes with a one-year product warranty covering materials and workmanship.

ITEM P0U02004

Regular Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $160.00
Sale Ends September 30!

ITEM P0U02025

Regular Price: $300.00
Sale Price: 260.00
Sale Ends September 30!


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