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Bianca Body Profile

Bianca Body Profile cream works to stimulate areas of fat cells and hydrolyze triglycerides. This aids in the regeneration of the surrounding connective tissues, regulation of blood circulation and helps to rid the body of fat metabolites.

The unique ingredients of Cinnamon oil, Guarana and Ginger extracts, easily penetrates your skin to reactivate blood circulation, reduce water retention and cellulite. Also, it enables your skin to regain its silky smoothness and firmness.

Ingredients and Benefits

Guarana extract - Caffeine contributes to weight loss and overall weight control due to increased Cholesterol elimination rates.

Cinnamon (an essential oil) - Cinnamon helps to increase blood circulation and will relax muscle tension in addition to increasing Cholesterol elimination rates.

Capsaicin - Capsaicin increases adrenalin secretions to expedite circulation and can promote fat liquefaction.

Ginger Oil - Tumeric promotes blood circulation and detoxification.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. For external use only.


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